The 2 main pre-requisites to the upgrade of NFe 4.00 layout on the GRC NFe (SLL-NFE 10.0) are:

  • Support Package 27
  • PI 7.10 or higher
    • Security Protocol TLS 1.2

Even if you are not planning to issue NFe with the new layout until the final due date (April/2018), you have to be ready to receive NFe in the 4.00 layout from vendors and partners that are already moving to the 4.00 this October (NFe Inbound & B2B)

OSS Notes

While the ERP oss notes are not released, SAP released this week the GRC NFe SP27 (SLL-NFE 10.0):

2422760 – SAPK-90027INSLLNFE: Support Package 27 for SLL-NFE 10.0

Be aware that the maintenance for SAP NetWeaver Java 7.0x ends in December 2017. Moreover, support for TLS 1.2 which is required for the new NFe 4.00 Layout is only available for SAP NetWeaver Java Server 7.10 or higher

Review the OSS Note 2462623 – SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) 7.0x has to be upgraded for more details.


The landscape options are the following:

1 – SAP NF-e with SAP PI AEX

1 - SAP NF-e with SAP PI AEX
image source: SAP

2 – SAP NF-e with SAP PI Dual Usage

2 - SAP NF-e with SAP PI Dual Usage
image source: SAP

3 – SAP NF-e with SAP PI 7.4 Dual Stack

3 - SAP NF-e with SAP PI 7.4 Dual Stack
image source: SAP

Since the SP 27 will allow to handle the 3.10 and 4.00 and due to the complexity of the changes, it is recommended to implement the SP27 and XI ahead of the ERP changes, test and validate it still with the 3.10 layout.

4 – SAP NF-e full landscape

Full Landscape
image source: SAP


5 – PI Step-by-Step flow

SAP NetWeaver PI serves as middle-ware that routes messages between
SAP NFE components, government authorities, and business partners.

SAP NetWeaver PI provides the following integration features for NFE:
● Tailoring XML messages to SEFAZ requirements.
● Secure SOAP communication using client and server certificates.
● Switching from synchronous message transfer – used between SAP NetWeaver PI and SEFAZ – to an asynchronous message transfer due to performance reasons (async-sync bridge).


  1. Send the message asynchronously from SAP NFE to PI
  2. Embed legal document into a SOAP envelope
  3.  Invoke SEFAZ Web Service synchronously via HTTPS with certificate-based authentication from PI
  4. Extract legal response from SEFAZ Web Service
  5. Send the message asynchronously to SAP NFE (WebAS)


Here are some extra features added to this SP27 besides the legal changes required to the layout 4.00 as per Technical Note 2016.002:

  • NF-e Inbound

    • Support Avulsa NF-e (CPF as Issuer)

      Avulsa NF-es are displayed in the Fiscal Workplace and have a different business determination than normal NF-es.

  • General Improvements

    • Log read access to sensitive personal data for main documents added

      An application log is written whenever someone looks at the details of an NF-e, CT-e or MDF-e, or downloads the XML of an NF-e, CT-e or MDF-e. This log is switched off by default and can be switched on in Customizing.

  • Changed Features

    • To issue or receive NF-e with layout 4.00, you have to configure new integration scenarios in SAP NetWeaver Process Integration. These scenarios – and all other related artifacts – can be found in the new namespace

      After the PI configuration has been created for the new scenarios, the handling for NF-e events and the distribution webservice must be switched to the new namespace. Please see SAP notes 2498688  and 2498689  for more details.


For more details, check this post: NFe 4.00 – Date and other changes