SEFAZ, the brazilian government department responsible for setting the rules of the Electronic Nota Fiscal published yesterday at April 11th, the new version of the Contributor Guide to the NT 2016/002 (version 1.10) which between all the changes announced in this version, the most important is the deactivation date of the current 3.10 layout in production was pushed to April 2nd, 2018 (I wonder why not to push it to April 1st and match April fools! That would fit very well).


The 4.00 XML XSD schemas were also released, which is a good new because SAP and many other partners were waiting the government release them to start working on the system’s solution.

Other changes included in the 1.10 version are:

  •  Webservices names standardization table (item 2.3)
  •  Group N – Created the “XML Sequence” group to all CST with fields related to the FCP (Poverty found)
  • Tax rate tags were renamed: pICMS and pICMSST when there is the group XML Sequence for FCP.
  • Field desciption updated: vBCFCPST (id:N23a).
  • Correction to the field “Valor da Base de Cálculo do FCP Retido anteriormente” (something like: FCP previously withheld calculation base amount) to id:N27a at group ICMS60
  • Field pST changed (supported rate to end consumer) which needs to be reported in the group ICMS60 in the processes where FCP is or it is not due.
  • Predecessor register correction in the field vIPIDevol (id:W12a).
  • Group YA “Payment Information” is now MANDATORY to be reported.
  • Changed the description of group “id: YA01a” to  “Grupo Detalhamento da Forma de Pagamento” (Payment Method detailed group).
  • Added to the field “Payment method” (id: YA02) the option “90=Without payment”.
  • Excluded the validation rules LA02-20 and LA02-30.
  • Correction to the field id vBCFCPSTRet at the validation rule N27d-10.
  • Excluded the model 65 from validation rule N23b-10 and N17c-20.
  • Excluded the validation rule W16-70.
  • Excluded the validation rule Y01-20 and changed the rule YA01-30.

The document with all the changes are posted here: NT 2016.002 v1.10

Here are the due dates updated:

  • Homologation environment June 1st 2017 – Didn’t change!
  • Production Environment: August 1st 2017- Didn’t change!
  • Deactivation of the old version 3.10: April 2nd 2018- NEW DATE!

Since the production date didn’t change, you should consider that from August 1st, 2017 your vendors might be already using the 4.00 layout, and that means you need to adequate your NFe Inbound tool to be able to process the receipt of those NFes XMLs in the new format.

SAP will provide updates via OSS Note: “2415957 FAQ of Brazil’s NF-e layout 4.00”

Remember that this is not unusual, those changes happening in the middle of the process… Between the last Layout 3.10 announcement and the last changes/reviews announced, there were 7 different versions of the contributor guide released, each of them with new changes and/or new dates.