The year barely started and the Brazilian tax authorities announced new legal changes in the Electronic Nota Fiscal already. We just went through the NFe 4.00 layout few months ago, right?  Published in the official gazette in January 2nd, 2019, the Technical Note 2018.005 V1.00 brings new changes to the NFe and NFC-e layouts. The tax authorities have no intention in making those changes less frequent, so be ready to keep up to date on the changes and plan the system changes on time.


Talking about timing, SEFAZ tests environment will be ready for tests in February 25th while this is mandatory in production for May 7th, every company must be ready by then.

The main changes in the Technical Note 2018.005 are:

  • Created the concept of Technical Person Responsible and Security Code of Technical Person Responsible (CSRT). Created the group ZD containing the data related to the Technical Person Responsible and their validation rules
  • Added fields to the Group F. Pickup Site Identification and its validation rules
  • Added fields to the Group G. Delivery Site Identification and its validation rules
  • Update on Group K. Specific Details of Drug and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
  • New fields added to Group N. ICMS ST Pass Through
  • Changes the return structure of protNfe to include a message of SEFAZ’s concern
  • Explanation for rules of fulfillment to the field Freight Mode on DANFE
  • Suggestion on the display layout to the Pickup Site
  • Suggestion on the display layout to the Delivery Site
  • 9 new rejection codes:
    • 970 Rejection: Non-existent Country Code [pickup place / delivery place]
    • 971 Rejection: Invalid IE [pickup place / delivery place]
    • 972 Rejection: Mandatory information of the technical responsible
    • 973 Rejection: Taxpayer’s CNPJ invalid
    • 974 Rejection: CNPJ of the technical responsible diverges from the registered
    • 975 Rejection: Required CSRT identifier and CSRT Hash information
    • 976 Rejection: CSRT identifier not registered in SEFAZ
    • 977 Rejection: CSRT handle revoked
    • 978 Rejection: CSRT Hash diverged from calculated


Source: Technical Note 2018.005

This subject is under analysis by SAP. As soon as an OSS note is released, I will update this post, meanwhile, you have to start discussing this topic with your legal/tax expert department to understand how does changes affects your NFe issuance and processes involved, as well as other partners involved (in case your NFe messaging system is not entirely SAP Standard).

UPDATE: OSS Notes released around March 18th, 2019:

NF-e 4.0: NT 2018.005
Pre-requisite corrections for note 2750485
NF-e Technical Note 2018.005
UDO – NF-e Technical Note 2018.005
NF-e NT2018.005 & NF-e NT2018.005v1.10