SAP Brazil Localization, Taxes, Legal Requirements, SPED, NFE, S/4HANA and etc.

About me…


My name is Leandro da Pia Nascimento, SAP Consultant with more than 12 years experience in MM/SD and fair acknowledge in FI (Fiscal). I worked most as an MM/SD consultant and main focus on SAP Brazil Localization, legal requirements, NFe, SPED, taxes and etc. 

I decided to keep this blog to share some information to help you understand better interesting points on how SAP works in Brazil in order to meet the local legal requirements. I hope some of these postings can help you either if you will implement SAP in a Brazilian company or support them.

I am also involved in a S/4HANA project which made me fall in love with the subject and add some S/4HANA content in this blog.

You can also reach me in one of the links below on Facebook or LinkedIn. or twitter @leandropia

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24 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Hello Leandro, thank you so much or this information. It has been very helpful. Do you have any recommendations for further technical learning in Brasil localization in the areas of SD, MM, and FI? I have checked with SAP America, but they do not have many options.

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  2. Hello Leandro, I went through all your blog but as PM for a roll-out in Brazil, I am wondering about the new Bloco K requirements due on Jannuary 1st 2015. Do you have information/website that would precise (in English preferably) the data required? I know that the BR administration has still to provide details on requirements: in this context how to handle with this tight timing?

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    1. Hi Etienne;
      While you sent this comment, I was preparing something regard the Block K. It is in my blog now. Thanks for getting in touch and leave a message if you need anything or if you have any question.


  3. Thank you very Much Leandro. I have overviewed the document from page 246.
    I will try to google translate it in French (!) ASAP
    From your perspective, how many interfaces are necessary to implement bloco K? How long will it takes to you (complexity medium or high)?
    Thank a lot for you inputs

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    1. Hi Eric, good luck google translating it 🙂 some terms like the ones that are tax related very specific for Brazil, I am curious to know how they will translate it 😉
      If your system is in good shape, Planning & Production and Costing are already configured to work as the Block K requirements says, you should be able to implement the OSS Notes, run unit tests, integrated tests and do additional adjustments that may be required after tests in 4 to 6 weeks; Consider that you will need a good QAS environment for tests (if it is a fresh copy from PRD is better), as if is very difficult to run the SPED file into Government’s app with bad data, you will face several errors that are not related to block K that may delay the analysis and validation.
      I don’t see interfaces if you are using SAP for all PP, FI, CO tasks, but you may need to use SAP BAdI’s for some registers into the block K.


  4. Hello Leandro, it seams Bloco K has been postponed to 2016, which is a good news for our planning.
    Thank you very much for your advise


  5. Hello Leandro

    I was not sure where I could post a question, or if you would even take questions, but I figured I would try this way. Before I ask my question, I did want to see that your site has a lot of great info, especially for non-Brazilians working on a Brazil SAP implementation. Its very difficult to find english info on Brazil localisation topics in SAP!

    My company has a new SAP system, and table J_1BTREG_CITY must be populated in order for the vendor master create process to derive proper tax jurisdiction codes for corresponding postal codes. I understand that these relationships can change over time, which will be our next issue to deal with. I have also found that the following websites can be used together to find these relationships…but only one by one!


    My question is, is there any website which can provide the full, updated table? Or is this something where you must enlist a service provider to pay for an updated table? How do other companies deal with the population and maintenance of this table?

    If this is only available from a service provider, would you be able to provide me with some company names? Or what service would I even search on to find them? I’m assuming most web pages will be portuguese though.

    In any case, any help would be greatly appreciated.
    And again, your website is very useful!



    1. Hi Rick;

      Thanks for getting in touch… I appreciate the feedback… All that you said it is true, and there is no place on the web that you can find the content for J_1BTREG_CITY instead going to the link that you sent or at the “IBGE”website, but in both, this will be a one by one, bit and piece job.

      HOWEVER, I can send an excel with all the 5000 entries and assignments that you can use to upload it. And this is what we are doing over the past years… Every new customer or new implementation, we just upload the data that we did maintain in the previous customer. send me an email on my gmail “leandropia” and I cand send it ot you.

      Regard your second concern, yes, it changes, but not very often… I mean, sometimes they open new streets or new neighborhoods that requires to expand the range of ZipCodes to a given City (Municipal), and all that you have to do it is update the existing entry, but ONLY if someone try to create a new Customer, Vendor and system says: cand find the jurisdiction code to the combination of ZipCode and Region… if not, don’t bother keeping it updated… 😉


  6. Congrats for you blog dude
    I had to do the roll-out of a company in brazil
    This kind of stuff would have helped me a lot
    Well I have been staying in brazil 1 year and it was a huge experience

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    1. Hi Arnaud, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate your comment. I hope you are doing well after rolling-out SAP in Brazil, it is not an easy task. If you need anything, keep in touch. Take care..


  7. Thanks for sharing Shipment configuration document. It’s really worth and informative. It’s really helped me to map shipment process at my client.

    Manzoor Ahmad
    SD/CS Senior consultant.

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      1. Sorry, my bad haha! Well, since the focus is to help “gringos” to understand how things are different in Brasil, and Intercompany in Brasil is pretty much the same as anywhere else, I don’t have Intercompany listed in here… but it would be interesting to add the steps here one day. The only different in the Intercompany process for products coming in our out is the Nota Fiscal and the Importation requirements, which SAP can’t cover since it is not a Localized process… my recomendation is always go for a 3rd partner, like EGTi from E-IT company or so… In the Intercompany for exporting products from Brasil, it is a little better since we can trigger the exportation Nota Fiscal from the billing document quite easy.


      2. Thank you! Like me, many consultant’s here in Brazil are asking for those steps to Intercompany process inside Brazil, not for Importing. I’m on IS-RETAIL and it’s not easy to achieve this with success.


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