The final goal of a S/4HANA project is the leverage of new technologies to drive significant business improvements. The business may know that the change is needed but our existing ERP is so complex that changes can’t be delivered fast enough and hardware used to be a bottleneck for changes, therefore our imagination is limited because of those constrains. With S/4HANA we can now have the ambition of transformation and doing what we thought it was once impossible, not we can make it possible. S/4HANA is the enabler of the Digital Transformation, new innovative ways to deal with new industry challenges, allowing teams looking different and rethink on our industry differentiation.

4 Dimensions

S/4HANA is built over 4 dimensions:

  • Automation: Routine tasks that don’t need anyone touching anything based on criteria and algorithms the system can do the tasks itself, managing high volumes faster
  • Intelligence: With OLAP x OLTP merging, we can transfer more intelligence away from the person in from to the screen into the system. So people can focus on exceptions while the standard process can be automatically processed by the system.
  • Agility: Fast-changes and business process, fast adoption to challenges.


  • Business Network: With billions of people connected via Social Networks, those spaces can be a business driver to changes into the companies. Business have much to gain with business network, connecting with your supplies and customers that can share experience and reviews through multiple platforms.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Check below the S/4HANA benefits in 2 of MANY use cases. First the AATP and then second, the Order Management to Billing.

AATP – Advanced Availability-to-promise

It provides to the customer the fastest and accurate information on product’s availability. The AATP comes with a new concept that allows the system suggest stock’s availability based on customer’s evaluation and status. No more FCFS system. Product can be re-arranged to fulfill the others that bring more value to the company, rush orders, based on contracts and agreements you have with the customers where you are obligated to delivery at the due date without penalty.


Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 7.12.49 PM

Effective Order Management and Billing


  • Maintaining customer satisfaction
  • Complexity of Order Management
  • Escalating Supply Chain and IT costs around Order Fulfillment
  • Inaccurate order promise dates
  • Quality of data in the collaboration process


  • Increased efficiency in the sell-from-stock process
  • Sales Order monitor – Collects all issues that can occur over the whole end-to-end process and visualize them in one dashboard:
  • Shipping, Billing and Credit Blocks, Incompleteness Log
  • Problems in Supply related to Purchasing and Manufacturing
  • Delays in Delivery and Shipping process until to profit locks, when invoices cannot be created and transferred to the financing
  • Increased efficiency for billing and invoicing


  • Full insights into all issues of the order-fulfillment process
  • Focusing on most critical issues
  • Running actions directly and tracking the solution progress
  • Combined analytical insights with operational actions
  • Real-time visualization of KPIs and alerts
  • Enables decision preparation via collaboration
  • Lower TCO due to data model simplification


  • Greatly simplify complex billing processes
  • Accommodate partnerships with third parties clearly delineating which party is responsible for any given charge
  • Reduce uncollectible accounts receivable write-offs by making better decisions with a consolidated view of outstanding debts across multiple billing systems
  • Reduce uncollectible accounts receivable write-offs by extending credit and delivering services based on proper credit scoring
  • Improve sales performance by implementing compelling variable compensation programs; handle programs for employees and partners




Customer Story – Westernacher Customer “Komplett Group” –  Implementation Achievements:

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