Next week is Sapphire now & Asug Conference week in Orlando, Florida.

If you are going you might be very excited. If you are not going, you might consider to attend (well, if you can) or at least follow the few live broadcast sessions.

This year I am not going to attend in person, but I am still very excited to follow it online.

If you don’t know what am I talking about, the SAPPHIRE NOW is the largest event for hosted by SAP, with more than 20,000 people attending in-person.

Why I think you should go? Here are the main reasons listed on SAPPHIRE event’s portal:

  • Learn about new SAP solutions and services
  • Network with peers and exchange knowledge
  • Meet with SAP product experts and partners
  • Find about business and technolody trends
  • Hear directly from though leaders

Here are others reasons that I would add:

Catch a SAP Mentor

SAP Mentors are approximately 150 bloggers, consultants, and technical wizards who were nominated by their SAP Community Network peers and selected by the SAP Mentor Steering Committee. They are easily recognized by their Polo Shirts, with their names, twitter, a number and the SAP Mentor indication on their Polo 🙂

If you see them, engage and connect with them. Ask about them, what they are doing, how are they doing, ask for some words of inspiration, talk about daily challenges, issues, technology, anything…

Mix with people like you

With thousands of ASUG members and SAP customers visiting the showroom floor, there will be plenty of opportunities to connect and network.

SAP executive Keynotes

Names like Bill McDermott, Hasso Plattner, Steve Wozniak, Bernd Leukert and Keith Sturgill should be enough reason to you attend SAPPHIRE event.

Here are the live broadcast and replays to some of the Keynotes that I think it is worth to watch:

Bill McDermott Live, SAP CEO : Run Live, Run Simple

ASUG Transformative Talks: Disruption Driving Success – With Mr. Keith Sturgill from Eastman Chemicals and Steve Wozniak (who found a small business called Apple)

Your Digital Journey to Live Business – Robert Enslin, Bernd Leukert, Steve Singh Live

Your Road to SAP S/4HANA and Beyond – Prof. Hasso Plattner Live, Chairman of the SAP Supervisory Board

Evening events

The day is not over at 5 o’clock! You are in Orlando for SAPPHIRE, take as much as you can absorve from this event… Between Customer dinners and partner evening events, the schedule could not be more filled up.


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