SAP released the Support Package 24 to the SLL-NFE (NFe 10.0 / GRC NFe) component.


Among of the changes and bug fixes included in this Support Package, you will find solutions for:

Legal Changes:

  • NF-e: NT 2015.001 -> ICMS suspension events

This feature enables you to implement the following legal change:

NF-e: NT 2015.001 -> ICMS suspension events

When sending components to the subcontractor (for subcontracting processes), the Delivery NF-e is issued. If this is an interstate operation (subcontractor is located in another state inside Brazil, or outside Brazil), the government allows the ICMS suspension for 180 days.

With technical note 2015.001 you can apply for this ICMS suspension using events:

  • Homologation Date: 26/10/2015
  • Production Date: 30/11/2015


CT-e Outbound

  • Finish Skipping

When the sending of a CT-e skip request fails, the NFE system offers the action Finish skipping that requests the user to provide protocol information from the SEFAZ website (for example, dhEmi).


Event Outbound

  • Confirm Authorization

Since NT 2015.002, the NF-e status check does not return receiver acknowledgement events and the distribution web service does not return them to the issuer.

Therefore, the Request Status Check is not active for some events, these needs to be resent. If you receive a duplicate, use the new action Confirm Authorization, but only for events that are not returned by the status check. This new action provides a pop-up to enter protocol information from the SEFAZ Website. The NFE system uses these values to enhance the XML with a protocol-tag and the further processing works as usual.

Additional information can be found here:

2258980 – SAPK-90024INSLLNFE: Support Package 24 for SLL-NFE

SAP Brasil Localization team organized a Webinar to go through the SP24 updates and changes:

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  • Date: May 13th, 2016
  • Time: 10:00 – 11:00 (UTC -3)