The Note Assistant can be reached via transaction SNOTE and it is a tool that helps you to implement SAP OSS notes. It is not perfect but it does generally make the implementation of OSS notes a much easier and faster process. The SAP note assistant also automatically tells you to implement any prerequisite notes that apply to a given OSS Note.

Implementing an OSS note via SAP note assistant
The table below outlines the simple steps required to implement an OSS note using SAP note assistant (SNOTE).


Before implementing the OSS note in the system, read the note completing and understand if it is valid for your system. Few notes contain the manual steps to be performed in the system before implementing the note and SAP will ask to confirm that the manual steps were performed. Please check the note and implement the pre-implementation steps manually in the system before implementing the note in the system and post implementation steps manually after the implementation of the note.

Please refer the steps specified below for implementing the note in the system using SNOTE.

Goto Transaction SNOTE : Download SAP note enter note number


After downloading the note, please goto SAP NOTE browser ctrl+F9 and enter the note number to check the implementation status of the note. The note can be implemented in the system if the “can be implemented” status is available. Please click on Implement SAP Note ctrl+F1 for implementing the note.

Different Implementation status available in SNOTE for particular SAP note downloaded in the system.

SNOTE Implementation Status

  • Can be implemented – Note is valid for your system release and support package level and can be implemented in the system.
  • Cannot be implemented – Note is not valid for your system
  • Completely Implemented – The note is already implemented in the system
  • Incompletely Implemented – The note is partially implemented in the system and still some correction instructions of the note need to be implemented in the system.
  • Obsolete – The note is already delivered with the support package implemented in the system.
  • Obsolete Version Implemented – Either newer version of the note is released by the SNOTE or the system is upgraded to the higher version of the support package level.
  • Undefined Implementation Status – Check KBA 1940896 – SAP Note has an Implementation Status of “Undefined Implementation State”

The note log can be useful to check the implementation of the note and information about the version and date and time of the note implementation in the system.

SNote Browser

SNote Browser2

Following are the two important notes which need to be implemented in all the system depending on the basis releases. These notes contain the corrections for many known issues with the SNOTE.

  • 875986    –  Note Assistant: Important notes for SAP_BASIS up to 702
  • 1668882  –  Note Assistant: Important notes for SAP_BASIS 730,731,740.
  • 1860884 – How to find the SAP Note after downloading with SNOTE