This post is a sequence of NFe Outbound / NFe 10.0 / NFe GRC – Part 1

9) Maintain Control Parameters for Process Flow

Here you can make the settings for the process steps processing the NF-e, CT-e, events. The process steps are derived from the business process that is assigned to the document.

In this customizing (/XNFE/PROCSTEP) you define what step in the process (process flow for business – table /XNFE/PROCFLOW) can be automatic (FLAG_AUTO = x) and the ones that are mandatory (FLAG_MAND = x).

You can for example, deactivate the B2B Output to an specific scenario (NFe issued w/o batch) or do that to an specific receiver CNPJ/Sender CNPJ.

See below an example suggested by Jose Nunes in this SCN Post:

To deactivate the B2B Events (Correction Letter and Cancellation) only to the Partner Carrier

Step 1: SM30

Via SM30, select table /XNFE/PROCSTEP and click Maintain. Go to Menu -> Selection -> By contents…, select Process Step ID = B2BOUTCA

Uncheck the field Nec. Step. That will make possible to deactivate this step via SPRO.

Step 2: SPRO

SPRO > Nota Fiscal Eletronica -> Outbound -> Maintain Control Parameters for Process Flow

To the processes EVB2BNFE and EVB2BNFC do the changes below:


The possibilities are according to your business needs.

See a list of process that you can manipulate:


10) Activate B2B Scenarios for Business Partners

Here is where you will determine the business partners with whom you want to exchange electronic documents.

You will maintain here for example the Customers that will receive B2B communication when you are issuing a NFe (Like the XML via email for example). To do that, add customer’s CNPJ and Select “X Communication via PI”.

To process stock transfer orders (STO) – Plant to Plant into same Company Code –  you must enter the B2B communication to DB for every branch’s CNPJ. You don’t have to go through PI for that, since your branches share the same Database.

SPRO > Nota Fiscal Eletronica -> Outbound -> Activate B2B Scenarios for Business Partners

Activate B2B

11) Activate B2B Scenarios for Natural Persons

Same as above, however you maintain here CPF (Natural Person IDs)

SPRO > Nota Fiscal Eletronica -> Outbound -> Activate B2B Scenarios for Natural Persons

Activate B2B CPF

12) NF-e: Maintain Connected Government Systems 

This is a new customizing that came with the 3.10 Layout changes on SAP.

It can’t be simpler than that: you configure the settings that the system needs for deciding to which government system your messages are to be sent.

SPRO > Nota Fiscal Eletronica -> Outbound -> NF-e -> NF-e: Maintain Connected Government Systems

Connect Gov System

On Logical Destination you enter the RFC Logical Destination (Steps 5 and 6 on previous post in this blog). Company’s Own CNPJ, that’s easy… your business place CNPJ’s; CUF is the Region where the Business Place is located and Environment you will use Homologation and Productive system accordingly.

That’s all for today, I hope you have enjoyed… wait for the next post.

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