SAP Forum in Brasil is always a good chance to see and hear what is coming next… Or how to improve processes that you are already using. You can also see new tools and new features, meet people, be prepared for your next small or big project and etc…

The bad side is that the content is all in Portuguese, but, there are always people who speaks english that can help you, or you can visit the SAP Forum with a co-worker (if your company has an office in Brazil for example) and your both share the sessions and the experience…

The agenda shows almost 200 sessions in 2 days of event! Wow! Intense!

This year they will split the event in 3 areas:

1) Business Line
2) Market Segments
3) Technologies

Save the date:

SAP Forum Brasil 2015 Date: March 17th and 18th – 9h to 18h at Transamérica Expo Center – Av. Dr. Mário Villas Boas Rodrigues, 387 – São Paulo, SP.

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