If it depends on Brazilian Government, 2017 is going to be busy to IT professionals… among several changes coming to the next year, one that you must be aware is the NF-e 4th generation.

SEFAZ (Brazilian Governmental institution that rules among several other things, the Electronic Nota Fiscal changes) announced this week through the NT2016.002 the new layout to the NFe, 4.00.

You can find the new layout guide here:  http://www.nfe.fazenda.gov.br/portal/exibirArquivo.aspx?conteudo=c4S6yXTKpXY=

As usual, SAP plans to deliver the solution in advance, however, we know that from the date that the Guide is issued to the date when the new layout must be available in PRD, the government releases several changes to the layout, which makes even more challenge to deal with the new layout. Plan in ADVANCE, don’t underestimate this task.

Check here for SAP updates on when the solution is going to be released:

2415957 – FAQ of Brazil’s NF-e layout 4.00

The last layout version upgrade (from 2.00 to 3.10) was a big challenge with many companies taking 4 to 6 months to implement it.

Here are the deadlines from SEFAZ:

  • Available for tests in homologation environment: June 1st 2017
  • Available to use in PRD: August 1st 2017
  • Layout 3.10 deactivation: November 6th 2017

Among the changes there are:

–      Definition to use the protocol TLS 1.2 or higher as standard communication

–      The SOAP Header variables will no longer be used to the requisition sent to ALL webservices listed in the NFe system

–      Field “Presence Indicator”: added the option 5 – Presential Operation, outside of the office, to be used in the sales on street

–      Added new field refNF(id:B07) to the option 2 = Nota Fiscal Model 02

–      Created new group “Product traceability” to allow traceability of any product that is subjected to the sanitary regulations, recall, agrochemical and agricultural defense, veterinarian products,  Dental equipment, medicine, beverages, water bottled, packaging and etc, based on the batch information and manufacturing date.

–      Added fields to the Fuel group to allow inform the percentage of GLP mixed (id: LA03a, b and c) and the ANP code description (LA03) and fulfillment of the fields for ST held calculation base and ICMS ST held.

–      Creation of fields related to the FCP (Fundo de Pobreza / poverty fund) on movements inside of the state and interstate with Tax Substitution and FCP percentage. Changing the NF-e layout to identify the amount owed as a result of the percentage of ICMS related to the Fund to Combat Poverty, provided for in the Federal Constitution, in Art. 82 of ADCT – Transitional Constitutional Provisions Act, in internal operations or operations Interstate with Tax Substitution, not covered by the fields created in the ICMS Tax Group for the destination UF.

–      Validation of the sum of the fields FCP, FCP-ST, IPI return, when informed to the items.

–      Added the field in the group NF-e Totals to inform the total IPI amount in the scenario of return of products by partner not IPI contributor and added the FCP ST to the NFe total value

–      Changed the group X – Information of Transportation of the NF-e with new freight modes added.

–      Validation to restrict fulfilling the fields for transportation data in interstate and based on each UF’s criteria, to validate it on inside of the state processes

–      Changed the name if the field “Payment Form” to “Payment Information” with the addition of the field “change amount” (tag: vtroco). This field will be allowed to be fulfilled from the NFe Model 55 as well

–      Removed the Payment method indicator from group B (id:B05)

–      Added the total IPI amount for returns when

–      Validation on the fulfillment to the group “Payment Information” to NFC-e and NF-e, based on each UF’s decision

–      Validation to the fulfillment on fields related to the volume and weight of the products when informed that there is freight involved based on the field freight mode

–      Added the field to inform the ANVISA code (id:K01a) to the medical group

–      Added the option to inform the Group ICMS ST Transfer Tax (ID: N10b) in the operation with fuel and using the CST 60

So, those are some of the main changes, I will update this post if changes are announced and if SAP releases any information regard the solution to cover the new layout.


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