Very often my users asks that a specific report has to be executed periodically and they want the results to be automatically delivered to their email.

I am going to show you how to do that using the SAP Distribution Lists. There are other ways, but here is one very straight and forward.

In this example I will schedule the MB5S report (List of GR/IR Balances) to run periodically and the results will be sent via email to the email address that I select. With the following steps, you can do that with nearly all reports.

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Create Distribution Lists

  • Go to SO23 and Click “Create”SO23_ (1)
  • Click on Folder and then click the Match-Code

SO23_ (2)

  • Click on Create Folder:

SO23_ (3)

  • Enter Folder Name and Description. Complete the other attributes in this screen.

SO23_ (4)

  • Click Continue on the screen above and below:

SO23_ (5)

  • Type the Name and Description to the distribution list and select the folder (they don’t need to have the same name)

SO23_ (6)

  • Click on view: Distr. List content
  • Enter all email recipients as below:

SO23_ (7)

  • Click button Save (this is not transportable, it has to be created in the client (PRD for example)

Create the Job

  • Go to MB5S (or any other report you want to send the results via email to the user)
  • Enter the selection criteria

SO23_ (8)

  • Create a Variant

SO23_ (9)

  • Select your variant
  • Go to Menu -> Program -> Execute in Background

SO23_ (10)

  • Click “Continue”

SO23_ (11)


  • Click Date/Time
  • Select a start date and time
  • Select the checkbox “Periodic” and click on Periodic Values

SO23_ (12)

  • Define how often this job will run (that will define how often your user will get an email too)

SO23_ (13)

  • Once you have selected the period, click button SAVE and then SAVE again.


Assign Distribution List to the Job

  • Go to SM37 and search for your Job

SO23_ (14)

  • Select your job and go to Menu -> Job -> Change

SO23_ (15)

  • Click Spool List Recipient
  • Click on recipient and look for Distribution lists, pick the one that you created, hit enter and click Copy

SO23_ (16)

  • The Job will run in the date and time you have selected and once the job finishes the emails selected in the distribution list will get the results, example below:

SO23_ (17)

SO23_ (18)

That’s it. Easy and will work with any report that can be scheduled to run in background.

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