It is finally October, that means, it is SAP TechEd && d-code month in Las Vegas.

Are you still on the fence about attend SAP TechEd? Still think that TechEd is only for developers? Get the scoop on what to expect at TechEd 2015 . SAP TechEd is for developers, system admins, security people, project people, and you!

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I know people are coming from different areas of the globe, and since this blog has visitors from everywhere, I thought it would be nice to share some tips and attention points to this event.

Some of them represent my personal thoughts; you are welcome to disregard them…


Before Packing and Flying

  • The dress code to the event is casual, and the congress area is big, be prepared to walk a lot, wear something comfortable.
  • It is Vegas, it is in the desert, but it gets chili early in the mornings and during the evenings, so, before packing your clothes make sure you are bringing at least a light jacket and sweater.
  • The event’s website says the session’s rooms are colder than the other areas. You may want have a sweater in your backpack even if it feels warm when you are leaving your room.
  • Backpacks are nice to carry: laptop, Phone Chargers, external batteries (power packs), outlet adapters and power plugs, camera, and etc. Bring also a laptop lock. We don’t expect something happening in an environment like an SAP event, but we never know…
  • Check if you are required to have a VISA to enter in US.
  • Check if you passport is valid. Visitors travelling to US are required to be in possession of passports that are valid for 6 months beyond the period of the stay in US.
  • Make sure your travel tickets and flight are ok. Delays and flight cancellation may occur, so if you can plan come one day earlier it is better than missing one day in the event. Besides that, depending on where you are travelling from, it may take 10, or 20 hours to get in Vegas, you don’t want fall asleep during the event’s presentations, do you?
  • You never know when you will need, so, travel insurance (health, life, baggage lost and etc.) costs peanuts.
  • In the hotel and event area you will have Wi-Fi available, but you may want consider to get a data plan to post on Facebook that embarrassing moment when you are partying with friends outside of the event area.
  • Check also with your bank/credit card company if you will be able to use them in US.

In Las Vegas

  • Unless you were going to Vegas for vacation, I would not rent a car, especially if you are not used to drive in US. The city is crowd, you will spend most of the day in the event, taxi are very cheap (and yes, you MUST tip them)
  • Uber is finally allowed to operate in Las Vegas area and the Airport:
  • Be aware that this city has people from all over the world and not all of them are there to the SAP event, actually, we are a small number comparting with other visitors… so, open your mind and don’t judge people that are there for fun.
  • You may want party in Vegas, you may want drink in Vegas, you may want gamble in Vegas, but keep in mind that to many people, this event is a great opportunity for their career, so, respects the SAP community members and your friends.

In the Event

  • In the event, there are almost 1000 sessions, I recommend you come with your agenda prepared in advance. Use the iOS or Android app, that will help you locate where your next session is. Until this moment I didn’t see the agenda in the iOS but they should release it there soon so you can sync with your registration’s agenda.
  • Keep yourself occupied, TechEd can be an immersive experience, depends all of yourself, so consider not spend time on drinking, gambling or partying.
  • If you are in the event or in the Keynote area and you are not interested in the content, be quiet or leave the area, there are many other people that might be trying to pay attention.
  • Sometimes you may realize that you made a mistake going to session ABC, so you may want consider booking 2 sessions at the same time and have a plan B if you realize that you got the wrong session, or the format is not what you were expecting or the room is packed and you can’t get it.
  • Check if the Hotel that you are staying offers a shuttle to the event.
  • The TechEd 5KM Run on Wednesday 6:30am (sic!) if already “sold-out”, I got my registration, but it doesn’t mean you can’t run. You will just not have a number in your chest (or belly).
  • Make notes and ask questions. Most of the session’s hosts like to see people showing some interest (I do), and besides that, you (or your company) are pay a lot of money to you be there, make it worth.
  • Plan some time to visit the exhibitor’s booths. Share business cards (and yes, they will call your for months after the event trying to schedule a call or presentation with you), but remember, most of those booths will have a raffle, prize, gift or something J You might be the lucky one to won a Harley Davidson this year.