The only technical conference created expressly for the SAP ecosystem of developers, engineers, and technologists. SAP TechEd && d-code combines new experiences for developers and technology professionals


In 34 days, thousands of IT & SAP people will invade Las Vegas to the SAP TechEd && d-code 2015.

So, why am I so excited to this event and why you might consider going too?

It is my first time attending SAP TechEd, but that’s not the main reason…

The main reason can be defined in 2 words: Learn && Connect

For the past many years I tried to attend to the TechEd and for different reasons I never could go. During this time, all that I heard about SAP TechEd before was that this event is where learning happens.  Someone who had been attending the TechEd for quite some time told me that the TechEd is the physical manifestation of SAP Online SCN Community, who are spread all over the world 24/7 ready to help, share and learn.

As far as I have been in this journey, SCN was always the masterpieces of this big SAP puzzle connecting customers, newbies, partners, consultants, mentors and every single member involved with SAP.

I was encouraged to attend TechEd by my direct supervisor, even knowing that I’ll miss something big happening in the company at the same week. So, I have an extra reason so make it worth.

Hand-On Sessions

Looking the Agenda (or maybe getting lost in the Agenda), I am very interested in everything, however, time runs fast, the Palazzo Congress Center area is huge and there are many things going on at the same time.

My challenge for this event (besides building the perfect Agenda) is to understand better the S/4 HANA Platform and try to get a better understanding of how SAP is solving customer’s problems with this new technology. I guess this year the event will be all around S/4 HANA, then attending one (or two) of the hands-on sessions and dig deep with SAP technologies is a must-to-do.

ASUG Preconference Seminars

It is a nice way to get more time dedicated to one topic of your choice. You can pick a full day session from 8 to 5 or half-day sessions in the morning and in the afternoon on ASUG preconference programs.

It is a good opportunity to face-to-face knowledge sharing, however it is not included in the registration, and you will have to pay additional registration for those sessions.


Monday evening (and many people are mistakenly arriving to the Tuesday’s sessions only) the Keynote will be hosted by Quentin Clark and Steve Lucas.

While Quentin Clark is the head of the platform division and responsible for the development and product management of the SAP HANA platform and SAP HANA Cloud platform, Steve Lucas is the President Platform Solutions. Lucas is a sales guy who has the ability of turning lemons into lemonade.

On Tuesday Morning, then Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board and the Global Managing Board of SAP SE with global responsibility for development and delivery of all products across SAP’s product portfolio is hosting the Keynote session.

900+ sessions and Networking

One thing that I learned by life’s experience is that if you want to be a successful person, you have to be surrounded by the best and brightest people. Is there any better place to connect with technology leaders than in TechEd?

Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with anyone, talk to the host of any presentation that you found interesting, share your ideas, and get into their minds.

So, check the Event’s agenda and get lost in between 900+ different sessions that will be hosted in 4 days.

Sessions are sorted in the different areas (and target audience):

Technology, Strategy, and Innovations IT Management, Architects
Development and Extension Platform for SAP HANA and Cloud Developers
User Experience Design and Technology UX Designers, UI Developers
Mobile Solution Development Mobile Developers, Admins
Data Management and Modeling Data Modelers, DB Admins
Business Analytics: Planning, Business Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics Experts, Data Scientists
Cloud Integration, Orchestration, and Intelligent Processes Integration and Process Experts
IT and Cloud Management IT Management, Architects, Administrators
Security, Secure Development and Configuration Security Experts

I am sure that this event will help and support me for many other challenges that will come in a near future, workshops, presentations, training people, taking decisions in my job and of course, connecting with new friends for many of the following years.

Save the date: October 19–23, 2015

More details here:

I hope to see you there…