UPDATE: With SAP Launchpad Support portal, SAP deprecated the old portal, forever… the steps below ill not take you to the Old-Classic OSS Notes search.

Many people got frustrated when SAP changed the SAP Market Place and OSS Notes Search to the new Support Portal https://support.sap.com/ early this year.

Not that I don’t like changes, it is just that the new support portal is awful! The old SAP Notes / SAP Market Place OSS Notes Search, what was wrong with him?

Big deal that the new support now integrates SCN discussions and articles… C’mon, I know how to use Google!

If you don’t know what I am talking about, this is the new Support Portal Home Page:


I am included in this group of people, and I did hate the way how the Search notes were re-designed.

And yes, I sent my feedback to SAP, but they didn’t care that much:


It took me a while navigating in the portal to find out how to use the “old and classic” search… then now looks easy and I want to share with you.

Go to the link https://support.sap.com/ and Click on Knowledge Base & Incidents


Then click on SAP Note & Knowledge Base Article Search:


Or just go straight to https://support.sap.com/kb-incidents/notes.html

Then you will have to click on :



And voilà! That will take you to the old Search method:



That’s it… you can choose between the old and the new OSS Notes search now.

That was me searching notes on the new portal: