I just implemented the OSS Notes to “Desoneração do ICMS” – ICMS Exemption for SUFRAMA.

This is required if the company is going to sell products to Free Trade Zone (Zona Franca de Manaus).

The Solution was released based on the ICZF condition usage to reduce the ICMS amount on this process and before this solution the ICMS was reported as a Discount. With the changes now, the Discount will only show what it is really a discount and the ICMS Exemption will show in a different field.

OSS Notes:

2117096 – [3.10] ICMS Exempt – New transfer rule for transferring SD amounts from pricing to Nota Fiscal (Releases 605 onwards)

2119650 – [3.10] Technical enablement for ICMS exempt (Releases 604 downwards)

Once the OSS Notes are implemented, the NF screen is enhanced and a new entry to the customizing of table/view J_1BSDKONV is available:


To the BXZF condition you need to assign the new NF Value 7 – ICMS Exempt

When your posting to ICZF is in the nota fiscal, the Tax Value that before was posted as a discount, now it is posted in the ICMS Exempt field at the Nota Fiscal Total Values


Total ICMS ExemptDon’t forget to assign the CFOP’s that belongs to Free Trade Zone to the ICMS Exempt 7 – SUFRAMA


In the XML File, the ICMS Exempt is mapped to the vICMSDeson while the ICMs Exempt Reason 7 is assigned to the motDesICMS tag:


As informed on SAP OSS Note, be aware that any Pricing adjustments (condition types, calculation, tax values, etc) to calculate the ICMS Exempt value is still under Customer’s responsibility, together with any tax adjustment in Nota Fiscal Database (J_1BNFSTX) because of the ICMS Exempt (e.g.: The correct Exempt Base value of ICMS).

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