Sometimes we don’t know where to find those information… Here are some SAP links to the SAP Globalization and others related links…


SAP: Online Help on Language Import
SAP: Online Help on Countries
SAP: Online Help on Time Zones
SAP: Online Help on Terminology and Glossary in SAPterm:
SAP: Online Help on Translation Tools for Translators:
SAP: Online Help on BAS > International Settings
SAP: Online Help on Setting Up and Coordinating Translation:
SCN: SPED & NFe (Portuguese only)
SAP: Globalization Knowledge Base
SAP: Legal HR Changes
SAP: Legal Changes
SAP: Localization
SCN wiki: NFe Forum (Portuguese only)
SCN wiki: SPED Forum (Portuguese only)
SCN wiki: BR Localization (Portuguese only)
Book: Implementation of Country Versions for SAP ERP Systems
SAP: Solution in Detail
Book: Global SAP Systems – Design and Architecture
SDN: Globalization Forum
SAP: Globalization
SAP: Unicode
Unicode Collection Note
Unicode FAQs
Globalization Collection Note
Globalization FAQs

Use those links at your own discretion…

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