10.08.2014 – UPDATE – The NFe 3.10 layout is now due on March, 2015 (and not December, 2014)

I am ready to start the NFe Layout 3.10 upgrade and although we are not using the GRC NFe (SSL-NFE) there are several changes required on the ECC that might be needed.
For that reason I have been researching a lot about this subject and I realized this is quite complex.

I collected data from Web, SAP Market Place and also from ASUG and decided to write this post…

So, What’s new?
The last big NFe layout change (2.00) was released late in 2010 and since then, only minor changes were released by Federal Tax Authorities.
This new layout brings a big modification including the redefinition of the NFE field mapping and this note requires an updated system

The Technical note 2013/005 explains:
– XML 3.10 layout
– Changes required to migrate from old layout 2.00 to new layout 3.10
– Enhancements to the authorization process by tax authorities (SEFAZ)
– New fields and validation rules

Time is running

Time is running fast… The due date is December 1st, 2014.

To cover those requirements, SAP released some notes… Actually, several OSS notes but the mainly 2 OSS Notes are the following:

2060171 – [3.10] Announcement Note – NF-e Layout 3.10
SAP released this OSS Note to centralize information regard the legal changes for the NFe layout 3.10. All the SAP subsequent notes and important information related to this subject will be listed in the section “Related Notes”. As the content of this OSS Note is based on legal requirements and the law, this may change at any time by taxes authorities and then this OSS Note will be updated as required.

2056762 – [3.10] Guidelines for NF-e layout 3.10 SAP Notes installation
This OSS Note organized several OSS Notes that were released to support the 3.10 changes in only one OSS Note (THANK YOU SAP, people were running crazy with several OSS Notes released in the same day to the same subject).

The content below is a copy of 2056762 OSS Note. Start by implementing the OSS Notes in the sequence below:

Master Data enhancement
1856625 – Master Data – Screen
1873294 – Master Data – DDics

1690196 – Legal Change: CT-e Solution
1661137 – Conhecimento de TransporteEletrônico (CT-e): Legal Change
1698684 – CT-e Legal Change: EHP6 #3
1703810 – CT-e Legal Change: Extension of Features
1701520 – Conhecimento de TransporteEletrônico (CT-e): Files

New Screen Control
1899906 – NF: Renewal of Nota Fiscal consistency checks
1877404 – NF-e: Enhancements NF Writer screen controls
1885164 – NF: Renewal of Nota Fiscal consistency checks
1803009 – Renewal of Screen Controls in Nota Fiscal Writer

Incoming Automation framework
1547262 – NF-e Incoming Automation: Pre-requisites in ERP

FCI – Ficha Conteúdo Importação
1897850 – NFe: add FCI number to NF item (NT 2013/006)
1914193 – NF-e: add FCI number to BAPI/BADI of Nota Fiscal Item

Changes in Material Origin
1894253 – AJUSTE SINIEF 15/2013 – Updates to Material Origin Code

Additional Data
1860362 – NF-e: Storing Additional Data – outbound NF-e & Reports
1859126 – NF-e: Storing Additional Data – Enhancement of NF Writer
1844621 – NF-e: Storing Additional Data – Obj.Services & NF Writer
1844619 – NF-e: Storing Additional Data – BAdI, derived fields, texts

1939893 – Implementation of Nota Fiscal de Ajuste
1903125 – Pre-Implementation Objects I
1894089 – Pre-Implementation Objects II
SAP_BASIS 700 – 702
710 – 730
731 – 731
1680583 – Field names for tables and views with more than 16 chars

Once the OSS Notes above are updated in the system, follow the steps below (The content below is a copy of 2056762 OSS Note):

2.1.2. Download SAP Note 1933985 in SNOTE and find the list of delta pre-requisites for your SP level, and apply them all.

2.1.3. For the new objects you can import the SAR file for your release version, that is delivered in note 1976416, otherwise you should perform 220 pages list of manual steps included on note 1933985.

2.1.4. Try to activate the changed objects. But probably exceptions will be listed due to missing contexts. In this case, search for the missing contexts in SAP Service Marketplace for the affected objects.

2.2. Solution deployment

2.2.1. Implement the release-specific manual post-implementation steps from SAP Note 1933985 (attachment Pre_ChangedObjects_ImpSteps1933985.pdf)

2.2.2 After implementing up to step 2.2.1. completely, check for missing objects using the report Z_NFE310DDICSNAPSHOT from SAP Note 1995232.
Hint: In case missing objects are found, search for the object name in the version-specific documentation from SAP note 1933985 and make sure the object is created / activated in the system as expected. If this does not solve the problem, search for notes with the object name.

2.3. Post-Implementation

2.3.1. Implement any other SAP notes released under component XX-CSC-BR-NFE where the term “3.10” or “3,10” is mentioned. A list of such notes can be collected in service.sap.com/notes. Alternatively, check the list of correction notes provided in the excellent blog post.

3. SAP ECC side – Inbound only

3.1. Implement SAP Note 1977764 (this note will basically enable version 3.10 in ECC from externally received notes)

3.2. Implement all notes for component XX-CSC-BR-NFEIN which are still not available in your system (this is the actual guideline from SAP Note 1536142: “The recommendation is to install the latest SAP_APPL support package available for your SAP ERP release together with any notes in XX-CSC-BR-NFEIN that are not yet available in the support package”)

Others additional Notes:
SAP Note 1993209 – IPI Return for the NF-e layout 3.10
SAP Note 2001599 – NF-e 3.10: Combined Nota Fiscal
SAP Note 1980784 – Enhancement Note 01
SAP Note 1983836 – Enhancement Note 02
SAP Note 2039144 – Enhancement Note 03
SAP Note 2039647 – Enhancement Note 04
SAP Note 2046494 – Enhancement Note 05

Sefaz Virtual de Contingência (SVC) – New Contingency method
SAP Note 1965381

ERP (Enhancements Creation): SAP Note 2017343
IS-OIL: SAP Note 2017345
• CT-e: Carta de Correção / Correction Electronic Letter
SAP Note 2000504
• CT-e: Nota Técnica 2014.001 (alt. layout modal aquaviário)
SAP Note 2046491

Call BADI J_1BNF_ADD_DATA na writer
SAP Note 1996620

GRC NF-e 10.0
• Nota Técnica 2014.004 (NCM 8 digits)
SAP Note 1996620

SAP Note 1968460 – GRC NF-e SP16 – What’s new:
• Outgoing NFe:
– Technical Note NF-e 2013.005 – Layout 3.10
– New Monitors
– New Customizing
– Improvements on mass download (new filters)
– It is possible schedule “Status Service Check” by Region
– It is possible deactivate the B2B issuance process
– Technical note NF-e 2013.007 – SVC

• Incoming NFe:
– “Manifestação do Destinatário” View terms of the Manifestation of Recipient
– View GR errors on Logistic Monitor
– Date and time of DANFE IR posting at Fiscal Monitor
– New Selection criteria at Fiscal Monitor: ‘DANFE Received’
– Improvement in the Subcontracting Process

SAP Note 2015208 – GRC NF-e SP17 – What’s new:
• Outgoing NFe:
– Synchronous Process (layout 3.10)
– Compacted Batch (layout 3.10)
– Improvements on errors treatment, new buttons at Nfe Monitor
– NFe issuing time reports
– B2B Event as independent process

• Incoming NFe
– It is possible customize the Logistic Monitor
– Manifestation of Recipient : Automatic XML Transference to Fiscal Monitor

SAP Note 2048923 – GRC NF-e SP18
This support package is huge comparing to the number of OSS notes included (32 in the total) but it includes all OSS Notes classified as “correction with medium priority”, a good reason to implement it. Besides that, new processes were delivered, such as the MDF-e for example.

• Outgoing NFe:
– MDF-e: Electronic Fisal Documents Manifestation
– Improvement: Synchronization Accept Rejection in ERP with GRC
– Technial Note CT-e: 2014.004
– NF-e: Technical Note 2014.004
– CT-e: Technical Note 2014.001
– MDF-e: Technical Note 2014.003

• Incoming NFe:
– XML Download during DANFE Incoming posting w/o XML
– CT-e Automation with Transportation Management
– Filter available Purchase Orders according to Purchasing Group/Organization
– Display Purchasing Group/Organization in Fiscal Workplace
– Trigger XML Download when DANFE is scanned and NF-e did not arrive yet

SAP Note 2059966 – GRC NF-e SP19
Coming soon…

Remember, if your company is not ready, you can’t issue nota fiscal and invoice your customers, and there will be no postponing on the due date anymore… If you are not ready in December, this is how the users will looks like in December:


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